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Updated: Jun 12, 2021

What is the Entrepreneurship Programme?

The Entrepreneurship Programme is an 6-week online course focused on developing successful entrepreneurs.

Our Entrepreneurship programme teaches you the knowledge and skills you require through a combination of online methods and practical activities.

These include online resources, simulations and live seminars led by experienced trainers.

Our cohort consists of young adults looking to jumpstart their business.


How to apply



The academic part of the programme is not just about learning theory, instead, it is aimed at providing skills and practice to lead you to success.

The blended learning environment combines face-to-face interactive teaching with distance learning that incorporates video, text and small group work to provide the most useful and rigorous experience.

To complete the Entrepreneurship Programme successfully, you will be required to pass 6 modules and complete your assignments.


Programme modules

Module 1- Introduction to an entrepreneurial mindset. Design challenge. Identifying Customers. Building a prototype.

Module 2 - Building your team and promoting your ideas

Module 3 - Building your business model

Module 4 - Developing your supply chain

Module 5 - Creating your pitch and developing communication skills

Module 6 - Presenting and discussing your business plan


Course learning objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

-Work on design thinking

-Build on creativity

-Conduct customer interviews

-Build an effective team; collaborate and communicate in business

-Market testing and attract customers

-Create business plans

-Create a pitch: convince people to buy your products in less than

60 seconds.


How to earn a Certificate and succeed in this course

To succeed in this course, you are expected to:

-Attend all live classes

-Submit all your assignments

-Reflect on what you're learning

-Share your ideas with your fellow learners

-Apply what you learnt to create your business plan

In order to pass the course and qualify for a verified certificate, you must receive an overall grade of 75% or higher.

Note. Certificates do not indicate your score, only that you have passed.

Your Certificate will be issued by Edx under the name of Excellence Online Academy and you will be able to upload them on LinkedIn.


Meet your instructor

Martha Rush is an internationally recognized high school economics, entrepreneurship and social studies teacher and an active teaching advocate.

With 20+ years of teaching experience, Martha has deep expertise in creating classroom environments that facilitate critical thinking skills as well as deep understandig of core concepts.

Martha writes high-engagement curriculum for edtech startups and established curriculum companies.

She is the lead instructor for AP Microeconomics and the lead AP Daily Instructor for Microeconomics at the College Board. She is a member of the Minnesota Social Studies Sandards Review Committee and a Member of the Minnesota Investment Advisory Council, and she holds a Masters in Education Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania. She is also the author of Beat Boredom:Engagig Tuned-Out Teenagers(Stehouse, 2018) and the Quarter Zero Handbook for Young Founders(2020).

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