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Strategic Branding
  • Strategic Branding

    A strong brand is one of the primary strategic assets for firms.

    Therefore, building a brand is a central component of any firm's marketing strategy and a challenging endeavour.


    This branding programme will help participants define and develop their brand in a structured and customer-centric manner. It becomes a strategic tool to help them align their team and drive business growth.


    Programme Mechanics


    • 5-week Forum-and-Field format (weekly workshops with individual preparation in between)
    • "Forum" refers to workshops that are done "live" with everyone ( 2 hours duration)
    • "Field" refers to practices in between that include a combination of watching videos and working on assignments
    • Why Build Your Brand With Us?

      • You will be introduced to and work with what you need to develop and sharpen your brand during the program.
      • This is not a sit-down course. Our program will have you rolling up your sleeves as we guide you in building your brand.
      • You won't be alone. Journey with others facing the same challenges you are facing and create a community of support that can help you now and in the future.



      Module 1 - Strategic positioning

      Module 2 - Brand proposition

      Module 3 - Brand personality

      Module 4 - Activating the brand



      • Identify your strategic positioning in the marketplace
      • Articulate your unique brand promise (proposition and personality)
      • Develop your brand storytelling kit to convert customers to loyal fans
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