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Our Mission

Our goal is your success

Excellence Online Academy

The MISSION of Excellence Online Academy is to advance and inspire excellence in our global learning and teaching community to meet the highest expectations of our students.


Studying online provides new opportunities, motivating students to continue and complete their studies as they are not confined by the physical limitations of a book, a period or limited space.


Practically, the students can begin, continue and accomplish their tasks anywhere, anytime by using a desktop, Ipad or even a mobile.


Our teaching materials are the latest and the most innovative and they have helped the teachers to improve their students’ English with outstanding results.


Our materials and integrated systems help you make the best use of technology and exceed the highest expectations of our students.


We use an easy-to-use platform that holds materials, course content, assessments and administration of courses in a single online system.


Our motto is" Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve ".We believe that any student empowered with modern interactive challenging tools will be able to achieve his / her goal and excel in any chosen field.


Our Courses will not only guide the student through the process of writing, vocabulary development, communication, and research skills in English but reinforce students’ strengths in the study of other academic disciplines such as Science, Social Studies or Business. Students will be able to explore these strengths through interactive online learning and enhance their knowledge of Language Arts while mastering the technological skills necessary in today’s academic environment.


Martha Rush

AP College Board examiner

Micro and Macroeconomics teacher -USA

When you become an entrepreneur, you become a problem solver. And whether or not you ever found your own Apple or Instagram, you will learn skills and habits that are valuable in every workplace.


Hayley Poulson

Cambridge Assessment International examiner

English teacher- UK 

People learn best when they are having fun! Positive teacher-student relationships are at the centre of great teaching.

Hala (1).jpg

Dr Hala Farahat

AP, IGCSE, AP Biology and Chemistry Teacher


As an instructional designer, I promote student's curiosity and passion for science learning through hands-on activities and experiential learning.

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