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Entrepreneurship Programme for Teens

Entrepreneurship Programme for Teens

What will you learn from this course?

  • Design thinking
  • Build on creativity
  • Conduct customer interviews
  • Collaborate and communicate in business
  • Market testing and attracting customers
  • Presentation skills - create your pitch
  • Create an efficient business plan
  • Program Components and Features

    Program Details

    • Registration Deadline: November 1st
    • Starting Date: November 19th
    • Course length: 8 weeks
    • Session(s): 1/week
    • Duration (live class): 1 hour/session
    • Teacher-guided and self-study course

    What is included in the Entrepreneurship program?

    • Course Platform empowered by Excellence Online Academy (EOA)
    • Student E-book
    • Slide-decks 
    • Videos
    • Student Workbook

    At the end of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion.

  • Course outlines

    Module 1 - Introduction to an entrepreneurial mindset. Design challenge. Building a prototype

    Module 2 - Building your team and promoting your ideas

    Module 3 - Building your business model

    Module 4 - Developing your supply chain

    Module 5 - Creating your pitch (I)

    Module 6 - Creating your pitch (II) and developing communication                              skills

    Module 7 - Business development

    Module 8 - Presenting and discussing your business plan

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