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General English Language For Adults : Self-Paced Programme

General English Language For Adults : Self-Paced Programme

Duration: 4 weeks (12 sessions) with three weekly sessions


Our General English Course has six levels

  • Beginners- CEFR A1
  • Lower Intermediate -CEFR A2
  • Intermediate-CEFR B1
  • Upper-Intermediate - CEFR B2
  • Advanced-C1, C1+

     This online self-paced programme supports and develops all four language skills using a step-by-step process, encouraging students to explore, practise and reflect on their learning.

    The step-by-step sequenced activities combined with instant support access make this online programme different. Students improve their language skills independently, while the tutors can track their progress, communicate with them via email, and improve their learning.

The programme engages students with media-rich activities, video, audio and interactive infographics. Students are encouraged to broaden and reflect on their learning with Can-do statements, space for making notes, tips, cultural glossaries and more.

     Tutors will monitor the progress of individual students, groups or the whole class.


     The student can email the teacher anytime during the programme, considering that help is required.

      At the end of the course, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion if 75% of the tasks are submitted. 



  • The Online Self-Paced English Language Programme

    The programme includes:

    1. Online testing (entry/progress/exit)

    2. Online platform where the learning material is provided

    3. Progress tracking

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